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Jo Blowfield

    • Fashion Buyer

    • Business Lover

    • Exercise Avoider

    • Food Enjoyer

    • Wannabe 80's Singer

    • Vinyl collector (all decades)

    • Netball Coach

    • World traveller (pre-pandemic!)

Being Positive and Enthusiastic is my Superpower!

I’m the wife of Ambrose and mum of two beautiful girls Asia-Rose and Arabella. We currently live in Auckland, New Zealand

I am a proud New Zealand Maori, and grew up with 4 brothers in New Plymouth, Taranaki. I was bought up within a family who lived from paycheck to paycheck and no money spare. One thing that my parents were, was hard workers, both of them had full time jobs, and my mum also worked a second part time job to help keep our family running. Those strong family values that my parents instilled into us, stopped the 5 of us kids from joining gangs, doing drugs and partying. I'll forever be grateful to my parents for teaching me the value of hard work.

I currently co-own the Sales Mastery Company and The Marketing Company with my husband Ambrose. I started my first business when our oldest daughter was just 4 months old. I remember having the conversation with my husband Ambrose in the garage that went something like this "I'm bored and I think I want to start a business." 6 months later I opened my first business called Clarity. I started that business in the 3rd bedroom of our house (in one of the poorest suburbs in New Plymouth) with $1500 as capital. I used $500 to buy a computer. $500 to buy a 5 page website, and I spent $500 on marketing materials, business cards and flyers. I did all kinds of things in that business from selling corporate gifts to businesses, telemarketing, credit control. You name it and I did it.

One of the things that become really apparent to Ambrose and I was that we wanted to be together. So we made the goal that 12 months to the day after starting the business we would get the income to a place, that we could then afford for Ambrose to leave full time work and join me full time in the business. Fast forward, we have been working together for 16 years, and our businesses have helped over 15,000 business in over 20 countries to make over $2Billion in extra sales.

It hasn't always been easy owning multiple businesses while juggling a family, and dealing with the pressures that both family, society and my inner critic put on me. I have picked up lots of tips, tricks and work arounds over my business years.

I'm a published co-author in the UK of the Authority Guide to Writing & Implementing a Marketing Plan with my husband Ambrose. Buy the book from Amazon UK here.

As a Mum, to my two beautiful girls, I have taken both our girls to win internationally at their chosen sports while representing New Zealand. Getting the girls to that level in dancing was both a lesson in time management, negotiation, patience and sheer drive. I loved every moment of it!

Recently, I won the award at the Tina Tower, Her Business awards for "Launch Boss 2021". 1 year ago when Covid hit, our business lost 75% of it's income over night. Left with my back up against the wall, I pivoted the business to now being 95% online. When we pivoted the business I also did my first online launch and made $ my first launch! Our second launch generated $102,000.

Now, I am wanting to share my 17 years of business knowledge and learnings with women across the globe. I have realised that there are 3 things in my life I wish I had understood and had help.  Those 3 pillars are Business, Health and Wealth. Hence why Business and Sequins was born. I want to be able to support women to find their sparkle and to have a sisterhood of like-minded women, to help support and educate across those 3 pillars.

I'm really excited to be cheering women on to achieve whatever goals they have for their life.

I also have a podcast called Business and Sequins. I currently chat with women about their lives. We have real life conversations about Life, Business, Health and Wealth.

I also love all things fashion, including sequins and how a great piece of clothing styled right can make you feel like a million bucks. Hence the name Business and Sequins. If I can add sparkle to anyone's day then I'm happy!

Tips to Creating a Side Hustle

Many of us have realized that having multiple sources of income is one of the best ways to ensure financial security for ourselves and our families.


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