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On today's episode, Jo interviews Kate McDonald of Meant to Biz. 

Kate help women turn impactful products into lifelong PROFITS using social media & organic marketing (that means no ads, ladies!) that doesn’t feel sleazy.

Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2015 when she was simply looking for a creative outlet in the few hours a day while raising young kids. Always being creative, she started making things for babies.

They were instantly a hit with friends and family. But soon enough, she was hearing from friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, and all that and then some! That’s how her very first business, Logan & Alice began.

Within two years, Kate had turned that “little” side hustle into a six-figure business all while playing super mum AND working a traditional 9-5.

Now, my focus her on helping other ladies like YOU do the same. 

Creating a six-figure business that fits into your busy lifestyle and still gives you space to breathe (AKA no stress and overwhelm!) is possible. All it takes is the right roadmap, some fit-for-your-life strategy, and a lot of laughter and fun.

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Show Transcription: 


Jo Blowfield 

Well, welcome back to another episode of Business and Sequins. And oh my gosh, I am so excited to have this lady on the show. I went to her workshop yesterday. It was incredible. She was fired up. She just gave so much value. There were so many women in their workshop that she was helping. She is an inspiration. Oh my gosh, welcome to the Showcase.


Kate McDonald

Thanks, Jo. Thanks for having me. I'm so excited to be here. Yeah,


Jo Blowfield 

I'm excited to have you. And yeah, I've told the listeners I've given them your bio, I've done a bit of an intro to you. But what I would love you to do though, is in your own words, just give us a bit of an update on you know, your journey and business and life and how you've come to be where you are right now.


Kate McDonald

Absolutely. Okay, so my name is Kate. And I am a business coach and launch strategist. But I specialize in product based businesses. And the reason why is because about six years ago, I started my own ecommerce Store when I was on maternity leave. And my husband and I together have five children. So I have three stepchildren and two we have together. And when I started that business six years ago, it was all about trying to build a life of freedom for myself and my family. So it was looking at online in a way that maybe this could be the potential that gets me to that freedom, and I have flexibility around my family. So that's where the journey started. And from that moment, I actually went on to create five businesses I know that sounds really crazy, um, three of them being ecommerce, and then two in a digital space, because I'm actually a dog trainer by trade. That is actually my professional job, so to speak. So I do have online dog training courses with my business partner. And then obviously, I have Meant to Biz which is my coaching business, and I have courses, and I do coaching, private coaching with clients to help them use launch strategies to really help them skyrocket online. So that's my passion. I love launch strategies. And you would have learned that on the workshop, because I just love talking about them. And I know that launch strategies can really propel any business, even if it's not physical in the online world. So that's pretty much what I've done. And my journey.


Jo Blowfield  

I loved being on that workshop yesterday, you don't have really loved about the whole thing was I love the fact that going through was over 100 and something women online, they came from all kinds of different businesses. They were interacting with you. And they were all wanting some form of help. And I just I just thought this is incredible to have these women online asking you questions, and the energy was there and you were just so energetic about everything. And I just I was blown away. I thought oh my gosh, so she's got you know, five businesses, five children, because your business is a like extra children? Yes. They are. And they never quite leave home. You know, I feel like they're like extra children. And I just talked with them. How do you do it?


Kate McDonald

Yes, well, it's a great question. But in the online world, there is so many ways to really streamline and have great systems and processes in place to grow your business without using more time. And I think that's where we get stuck, we start a business. It's overwhelming. There's lots of moving parts. Yes, you're wearing all the hats. But as you learn, you actually learn how to systemize and streamline that. And so that's what I did, because obviously, with five children, I can only have limited time on those businesses. But now they're set up to a point where they're running themselves to a degree I also have been able to expand my team a little bit so I've got some extra help there. So not saying I didn't do all things at the beginning of course, but there is lots of ways and opportunities to make it so much easier for you. And I think a lot of people don't even know what they can do to still make money without doing more and that's what I want people to know.


Jo Blowfield  

I think you have to be systemized, if you've got five businesses and five children, if you're not systemized this, you'll get through the day. You'll get through the day feeling like you haven't achieved anything. I'm just blown away but you went from dog training to this online entrepreneur. Do you still do dog training now?


Kate McDonald

I don't actually do dog training, you know, one to one or anything like that. I only recently probably stopped puppy preschool. You probably think I'm crazy, even more jobs. And I did tape teaching as well to help teach people how to obviously look after animals. But um, the animal industry was a big part of my life but I saw so much potential in the online world and one of my products is based around that I have a dog treat pouch. Okay, so that's based on my target people, which is myself. And then obviously, the online courses. That's where me and my business partner have invested lots of time into creating resources online, so that people can train their dogs without having to have the face to face. And that became more relevant when I started diving more and more into this online world and the opportunities because in all the businesses, no matter what type of business you have, you're reaching people worldwide. And that is something you can't do when you're just doing that, you know, face to face service based business, you know, in your own local community or whatever. So it's just being able to expand so much and teach more people the things.


Jo Blowfield  

I mean, I saw yesterday at the workshop that you did, you had women from all over the world online. I know that, you know, you had a lot of them from Instagram. And, you know, how do you market your online business?


Kate McDonald

Yeah, so for me, I have always done organic stars of marketing. I haven't really done the paid marketing, because not because I'm saying it doesn't work. I don't really know. But I'm just not strong in that area. So obviously, there's people that do that. But for me, I had not sorry, I hadn't got the investment to do online marketing, like paid marketing. So I really dive deep into Instagram. Now Instagram is the one that I've used for all of the businesses to really assist in marketing them and getting visible online. And there is so much potential on social media. So it is about picking the one that suits you, I know there's a lot available. But for me, Instagram, so many people there, you know, it's got so many different varieties of content that you can put out, whereas videos, pitches, you can talk to people. But the biggest thing for me is connecting the people with your product or with you if you are the product, because that's how it all starts. And it isn't easy at the beginning. Because you're like, oh, who do I talk to? What do I say, you know, do they even like me, but it is about trying to create those connections, and relationships. And then that does lead to you know, the growth and the sales and the things that you do want, but I just love it because it feels like you're making friends all over the world. It's like, it's so good. It's such a nice way to connect with people. But for me, that's the biggest key for my organic marketing is really diving into social media. Because there's plenty of people that want what you have.


Jo Blowfield  

I love that concept. Absolutely love it. You know, because of Instagram. I feel like I'm 10 years too late for Instagram. I'm 10 years too old for Instagram. I really do. I just feel like I'm 10 years too late. But I feel that if I was 10 years younger, I'd probably have a good handle because it's not my first language, social media. It's not even my second language was, yeah, a lot of you guys have grown up with it. So you know it. And yeah, I was around in the days when Facebook first came on, and everyone debated should they be on Facebook. And, you know, I I'm sure I'm like lots of the listeners who you know, are kind of around my age, probably women in particular, who are stumbling with Instagram, not really knowing where or how to start, because you realize there are just so many reels, and I keep thinking to myself, Oh, do I have to dance around? Do I have to do that? Oh,


Kate McDonald08:32

the dance. All right, you don't have to dance. But I mean, what I love about reels, and obviously reels is the trending thing at the moment on Instagram. And I still believe you should be using a variety of the different forms of content. So whether that is stories and posts and videos, but reels is an absolute goldmine of opportunity if you're prepared to use it. But you don't have to dance if you don't want to, if it's not part of your personality, but what I love about them is you can show your personality, it really does help people connect with you more intimately, they can see you, but I love the fact that they can be educational, if you want to. It could be a pain point of your customer. Like I know, I'm a mom and you know, there's I did one where, you know, my son was interrupting my Zoom calls, you know, because that's the reality and, you know, ways that you can really connect and have humor but also there is that connection with your service or product as well. And particularly like with product based businesses, I'm finding they can use that for like behind the scenes and so can service providers, it doesn't have to be pointing all time. But I know you Joe and you've got a great personality. So that really shines but you can educate those people in the reels, but with reels and what I've just seen as well as you know, with my workshop, you know I utilize that to actually promote so you can use it as a promotional thing you know to let People know what's coming up or what you've got on offer. And I actually gained over 400 followers just in that period, just from reels people that didn't know who I was didn't never see me before. And then they signed up to my workshop as well. So the opportunity opportunity with reels is just amazing. You,


Jo Blowfield  10:20

you're so good at it, though, you know, for any of our listeners who are listening, jump onto Kate's account, watch her reels her reels as seamless. They are so good. They're a mixture between I think dancing and informative, you're really good. You've really nailed that message across. And they're just so clean and concise. How do you go about deciding, you know, which reel you're going to do? And how do you have time to do them all?



Yeah, great question. Because as you know, I have five children's, but getting you know, a little bit of space to myself to record them isn't always easy, but I do batch them. And I know we're having a bit of this conversation before. So when I have that moment, you know, maybe it is an hour or so maybe it's not even an hour, but I can really record a few different snippets. In that period, you might change your clothes a few times, that's okay, you just get it all done. And then you've kind of got a bank of videos, and whether or not you know exactly what music or what you're going to say in that it doesn't matter. You go there ready and raring to go. And how I kind of formulate what I'm going to put in that it will depend on what's happening with my audience, like, what are the questions that are coming out? What are the roadblocks that they need from me to get through that? Or is it something that I am, you know, launching? Is it something I'm promoting, you know, so I got to think about that strategically of what am I going to provide in value. Remember, though, with reels, you should always have some type of call to action, it doesn't have to be a sales pitch. But it can be as simple as you know, comment below or you know, double tap or read the caption or something like that, you want your audience to be able to engage in that to see what is actually happening. So that's how I do it. That's my sacred, I do do a lot of batching. But you know, if you've got videos, you can easily just utilize them and put music over that and then put your writing over that. I have found though the small, simple it is, the better they do. Honestly, honestly, and I think a lot of people are thinking, oh my gosh, I got to do the Tick Tock trends, which I know that you're practicing Joe. But you know, like you can do that. But in a service based business, or if you've got digital products, you don't necessarily have to do the trends. You know, people just want to know, the value that you're providing or giving them answers. And so you know, just doing simple things and having fun with it, just give it a go, you know, you got nothing to lose. So that's how I look at


Jo Blowfield  12:43

  1. Do you record them all in Instagram? Or do you record them just normally on on a camera and then do what you've got to do to them and then upload them to Instagram?



Yeah, so there's a couple of ways. But I mean, I do record them in Instagram. That's just easy for me. And I do always make sure I save the videos, I don't just save it in your drafts because sometimes they do disappear. But I have them in the draft, but I do save them to my camera roll. But you can just as easily record them through the video on your phone and upload them into reels when you're ready as well. So you can do either either or,


Jo Blowfield  13:19

and so you do you do lives with Instagram as well.



I should do more lives. But I have done lives. And you know, obviously it is highly recommended to do lives in terms of drawing more people in and the algorithm as we know. But you know, it's something that I think as long as you got value to provide in those lives. Are you asking questions like make it a purposeful thing that you're coming on? Live? For? Sure.


Jo Blowfield  13:46

Yeah. And do you think? What about stories as well? How do you where do you think stories kind of lines up in this whole Instagram world?



Yeah, so stories are really important, I think as part of your overall strategy. So stories are something that should be fairly living all the time, if that makes sense. But it doesn't mean you have to be on there talking the whole time, you could be sharing things you could be you know, maybe even writing stuff, it doesn't have to be, you know, face to camera all the time. And also, you know, people also go well, do I share personal stuff? Or do I not? Because that's not related. But can I tell you if you're comfortable with sharing elements of your life, people love that, like, even if I share I know this sounds really weird, but like, even if I share my breakfast, I know that's just like, it's just my breakfast. But you know, you know, the interaction you get on that like, Oh yeah, you know that or I love that or whatever it might be and you have a bit more of that personal connection there or, you know, you realize, oh, that person likes dogs or cats or whatever it might be. So if you are prepared, a little bit of personal touch in there is great. People are interested in what you actually do behind the scenes, not just all professional kind of thing, but also utilizing that To talk about what's coming up, or you know what you're doing, or maybe what clients are doing with you, or whatever it is, because again, it's that, that personal connection, people feel like they know you. So that stories are great, because they don't have to be well thought out, or well plan, they only last for 24 hours. So, you know, I just say give it a go, you can ask questions in their polls, you can get answers from your customers what they want. So there's just so much potential. I love stories, like even if you want to post everyday, which I don't think you need to, but you know, if you weren't posting all the time, as long as you've got some stories going on, that's great. It's awesome.


Jo Blowfield  15:40

I think you're so right. And I think it is that consistency, isn't it?



Absolutely. Consistency is key when it comes to marketing on social media. But what I find happens with a lot of people is they're like, oh, my gosh, I've got to, you know, post every day because if I don't, I'm not going to get traction. And then and then what happens is you get burnout. Like, you're like, I don't want to do that it's too hard. I don't have any need to put up that, you know, it gets all those fields. But my key is, you really got to work it around your life, you know, you've got to work out what suits you. And if it's only three times a week, well, then it's only three times a week. But if you show up that three times. That's all you need to keep going. Right. And so it's about consistency.


Jo Blowfield  16:22

Physically, it can get to a stage, though, if you're constantly posting about your product non stop, that people just kind of stopped paying attention after a while if it's kind of your only message.



Yes. So that look, I mean, I love launch strategy. So there is a little bit of a method to my madness. And so what I say is that when you are wanting to sell something, there is obviously a strategy and way to do that. And there's a time and place where that goes, you know, hand in hand where you might have a launch, say and you have a limited time where it's open, that would be your period of promo. So yes, you might talk about it a lot. And that is okay, right. But before you actually do that there is a thing we call a pre launch. And that is the period we are actually educating, providing value, we're talking to people we're nurturing. So we're actually doing all the connecting there. So when we actually go to sell, all those people have, you know, been in tune with what we're doing. And now they're kind of ready to take the next step. They're like, okay, so how do I learn with you more? Like, how can I work with you more, and this is the opportunity for us to go, Well, this is what I have, you can, you know, join me now for this time period. And that's when, you know, promoting it or talking about it a little bit more than you would in a short period of time is absolutely okay, that's just that strategy there. But you've provided so much beforehand, that it's okay, because people want to know, they want to know how they work with you. Like, you know,


Jo Blowfield  17:56

I was Yeah, I was blown away by some of the stuff because one of the things that I looked at to, and I thought, you know, I've got business and sequence membership coming out. And I was gonna launch it kind of in the middle of September, but now I've extended it six weeks on your advice. And I thought, yeah, I'm gonna give myself a good run up. Because I thought, yeah, you know, if you do all those things that you've said, and if you get them all in line, and you do that pre launch, then it just makes things easier at the end when you're asking for sales. Now, your your course that you've got, it goes across anything, doesn't it in regards to products and services as well?



Yeah, absolutely. Like, I mean, obviously, it is aimed at product base, but I use these strategies for all of my businesses. So some digital products, and obviously physical products. And the whole thing is just really replacing the physical product. With the digital products, it really doesn't make much difference. There are slightly different platforms you might use for digital products and all that but the marketing behind it, it's all the same.


Jo Blowfield  18:59

I love it. I just think it is a whole new world.



It is a whole I know I'm well. It's a fun world and so much opportunity and, you know, when you kind of just move past, you know the imposter syndrome or the fear about it, or what if and, and just really dive in and have fun with it, you actually then come out the other side and be like, Why didn't I do this sooner? This is just so good. And just, you know, having more people come and find you and you can help more people. I think that's the thing to remember. It's not just about, you know, making the sales obviously, yes, that's part of business. But it's also like, well, that means I can help more people like the more people that find me, I can help them as well. So that for me is such a big thing because I don't want to keep these things a secret. You know, I want people to know that you can have success online. I'm a normal person, you know, I'm not you know, some unicorn or something and I can teach you those things so you can have the same success that others I have and that's what I want for lots of women around the world, because there's not always the thing they need out there. And I think everybody has an individual expertise. And there's people out there that need you. So look at it from that angle, rather than, Oh my gosh, I don't want to like sell. And I don't want to like Porsche and but you can help so many more people and that, for me, and I'm sure everybody out there that does this, it feels a place in your heart. You know, because you feel like that's, this is what I need to be doing. That's what I want to do. And it makes you feel really, really good about yourself that you can help others as well.


Jo Blowfield  20:36

And I know that you've got you've had some incredible success online. And you want to just give the listeners just a little bit of an overview of the kind of success you've had.



Yeah, so with my businesses, so I guess, with the launch strategies, I mean, my my big thing is helping people get five figure launches or beyond using a launch strategy through organic marketing. So without paid ads, okay. And some of those successes not only been $10,000, but you know, up to 30,000 and over for one single launch in a 48 hour period. But from those launches, what I found is not just in launch, but the growth after that. So you know, more eyes on your profile, more people coming into your world, you know, more consistency in sales, ongoingly and things like that reaching people worldwide, like we said, but from that I have built multiple six figure businesses online and like I said, I'm not working harder now. You know, I've systemized that and this includes the physical products and the digital products. So both elements, yes, I've grown them to multiple six figures, and they're still growing. So it's just so exciting. And you've


Jo Blowfield  21:49

got products, too, that, you know, wouldn't be classified as sexy products. No, no, no, thank you tell us a little bit about your products. Okay. All right. So



the first product that I designed was a baby teeth are of all things are silicone, baby. teether very simple. You know, I did get my husband like, Oh, you're sure this is gonna work. I'm like, it's gonna work, it's gonna work. Um, and so when I launched that the first time only had 1200 pieces, and I actually sold out 1200 pieces in three days, which was crazy total. But um, you know, that kept growing, I've made more designs. And then the second product that I've got, which again, is very simple, it's a dog treat pouch made out of silicone. It's like a silicone box, but very useful for us dog trainers. And those ones when I launched, you know, maybe we made 20 30,000 in those launches, just when we advertise those. So literally, I don't have Logan analysis, which I sold. That was a baby business, but I do have the trainers pouch. And we are doing, you know, consistent multiple, six figures just on two products, you guys like it's just two products. It's a $40 product, it's nothing, you know, nothing's Well, I think it's special in a way. But you know what I mean? It isn't this, you know, invention of some description is just a simple product and some of my clients as well, simple products, like earrings or men scrub or things like that. And then now doing, you know, multiple six figures as well. So the potential is just huge online.


Jo Blowfield  23:26

Yeah, have you built it? So have you been building your Instagram following over the years, it's not something that has just kind of bang happened. Because you know, a lot of people talk about, I just want more followers.



Well follow as I'm going to say, isn't going to necessarily mean that you make more money. So I started out with less than 1000 followers when I first launched the products and was able to still make a lot of sales in that period. What you do want to focus on is getting the right followers, the people that actually want to know more about the thing that you've got, yeah, because they're potentially then going to turn into customers. And so the focus for us, unfortunately, sometimes more followers equals more money, but for the trainers pouch, so that's the one I was just talking about, we still only have maybe six and a half 1000. And that's been over three and a half years. And we are still making quite a good turnover just for those two products. So don't focus on the numbers. Focus on the quality, because that's how you actually going to get more success.


Jo Blowfield  24:33

damn cool. I'm quite mind blowing that this is all this all happens on Instagram, all on



Instagram. And like from that as well, both of those businesses. You know, we got over 200 stalkers worldwide, and that was purely from Instagram. We didn't reach out to people they reached out to us, you know, so just incredible opportunities on Instagram, for your business.


Jo Blowfield  25:00

One of the things with Instagram, though, is that, yeah, is the kind of nastiness that can happen on Instagram. You know, how do you get that? And how do you deal with that kind of thing? Yeah, absolutely.



I mean, I think that that is always possibly the case with anybody. From my experience, though, I haven't had very much negativity, I don't know why that is, I don't know, if I'm just trying to repel that, or I'm not looking for it. But it's gonna happen. You know, you might say something that's controversial to someone else. And that's okay. But then they're not your right person, either. Yeah. And it's trying to really, you know, deflect from that can be tricky. But it's trying to just remove them from your world. And then focus on the people that do love your stuff that do love what you're talking about while you're showing. But it happens, but I try not to take it personally, I don't know, it's bit hard when you're on the other end. But um, you know, it is really that's why I say try to find the right people. When you're finding the right people, you'll get less and less and less of that kind of stuff coming into your world as well.


Jo Blowfield  26:05

I love that. Do you spend a lot of your time just on DMS? Just DMing people? Yeah.



Look, you know, I look, I try not to consume my whole life on Instagram, but I won't lie. I do love Instagram as a platform for for buying for myself, or finding things that I like. And I love having conversations in the DMS, you know, with people that want to know things or they're asking me questions, you know, we've we've just finished building a house. So people are interested about what's going on in that and just having those general conversations. So for me, it's more like having, you know, a text message, right? So you're just like texting your your friend or whatever. But yeah, she shouldn't stay on there all day. I do you have work to do.


Jo Blowfield  26:52

We've got a, you've got a cost to run, you've got a cost to run as well. So tell us a little bit more about you know, your course, because I find it fascinating. So tell us a little bit more about that as well.



Yeah. So I have my course, five figure product launch plan. And so what it is, is actually my eight stage framework of how I teach my private clients, and obviously the framework I use, for my launches to get to the five figures without paid marketing. So the course is an eight week course, but it is self paced as well. But what I love about this course is I actually run live calls each week because I want to help people move forward. And you know, everyone out there is probably going Yeah, sign up for courses, have you completed a maybe maybe not right. So I really want people to take action, because when they do, they're going to see the transformation. So what happens in the course is I really take you from step one, all the way through up to your launch, but even after your launch as well, like what happens after what do we do after that. So, you know, like we've said, focusing on that pre launch your social media, your email marketing, and then really crafting an irresistible product or you know, a launch offer for you to take through into that launch period. But again, there is a method how you actually execute a launch, okay, it's not just tell people once and then you go away and hope for the best, right? There is a process that you should be following to actually execute it really, really well. So that's what I do I take people through that. But the idea is to give people like a rinse and repeat method. So I'm all about ease. I'm all about systems, like I said, because otherwise I would not have any time. But the idea is to be able to utilize that time and time again, without doing more more more work. Right? So really trying to make it easy and streamlined for people as well.


Jo Blowfield  28:43

Oh my goodness, it's so good. So, so good. Andy, are you currently? Are you looking for other products? Are you just going to keep it at the you know, the couple that you've got now? And your course? Or are you looking to look for other products? Or what are your plans?



Look, you know, I think if I did another product, my husband would probably have a hot he's like you got too much going on? No, probably not in the E commerce space, I'm probably you know, just keeping it where it is. With my business, you know, the coaching, I do obviously have the course I have a mastermind and I do private coaching as well. So definitely lots there to keep me busy. But you know, I do love it. And that's the thing, right? When you love something, you just want to pull more and more into it. Which can be a struggle when you're an entrepreneur because then you want to create more things. So but I don't want to create any more things. I think I've done that enough.


Jo Blowfield  29:38

Well done well done on knowing what you what you're going to be doing and having a clear plan because you're so right when you're an entrepreneur, especially if you've got a bit of creative than you as well. You can run away with that creative and then kind of go oh my goodness. Now how do I implement that creative piece? You know, that lead magnet that I've just been days on? How do I now implement it or do I have to put on appointments? to Graham,



yes, yes, there's a lot of moving parts.


Jo Blowfield  30:04

There's a huge amount of moving parts to, you know, to a launch huge but and I think, on social media even more, because you have to turn up every day.



Yes, you do. But you can pre plan a little bit, you can, you can back pocket and right. And that's a part of my launch plan, because that's the bit that gets overwhelming is when you're in the launch phase, this high pressure of OH my god, I gotta turn off every day, I've got to post this or go send this email or that you know, all these things that you're thinking. And what I find is when you're in the moment, and you're doing that, so you're kind of like chasing your tail doing the launch, you will definitely not have the right energy or space in that in that moment. But also, you'll be very tempted to pull out, because you're seeing it all the time. When you're putting it out there. You're like, you know, reading it as you're doing it and then putting it out there. So if you've got it pre planned, and you're more likely just to have the stuff ready, putting it out there still showing up, obviously, but it's not like oh, my God, I'm talking about again, oh, my gosh, I'm putting it out again. So that's why I say always have a plan.


Jo Blowfield  31:11

Is your cost the best for somebody who's already got a product? Or is it? Yeah? Or is it okay for somebody who's thinking about launching or thinking about getting a product? Or is it just more for if you've got one?



No, it's for both. So I have ladies join who have never launched at all, but obviously have something in the pipelines or something you're thinking about. And then I've had people that have launched, it's not maybe going as well as they thought, or maybe they want to make it better. So it is for all types of ranges of people, no matter where you've started. Some people come in the course who are just starting and like, Oh, Thank gosh, I did the course before I do that, because I had no idea about this stuff. And then I have people that have come in and go on. I wish I had done the course before I started. So you know, it doesn't matter where you are, because you will definitely learn lots of tips and tricks on how to do that. And how to streamline a lot of the things in your business. Because automation for email, if no one's using that is an absolute game changer. Really your business?


Jo Blowfield  32:10

Yeah, I think just the whole, you know, whereas you know, we've just, we've launched our podcast, and I just think to myself, How do you do it? If you're just one person, by yourself without systems? How do you do it?



Yes, it is tricky. But you can do it. But then it is really important that as you grow, you can't do everything on your own for forever. And it is about then working out how can I outsource certain bits and pieces. So if I can't automate and systemize, you know, that's one part we can do. But then we need to really look at going well, where do I need assistance with? And is that more value paying that person for those hours than me spending all those hours, trying to do all those things, when I need to be the creative I need to be you know, out there connecting with people and creating the new thing and teaching the thing, right. So I learned that the hard way. Like I don't need anybody on right, you know, and then when you actually allow that to happen, you start to go, why did I wait so long? Oh, my gosh, the amount more that I can do and get out there and market my business rather than doing all the, you know, the little bits and pieces that maybe take up a lot of time and not really valuable for you to be doing?


Jo Blowfield  33:27

I definitely agree because I've seen, you know, when you get to that situation, you stopped doing stuff. And then when you stop doing stuff, you stop showing up, and then your business and you stop going out to you know your followers and then restarting that after even a couple of weeks. It's just tough.



It's really hard. Yeah. And get that motivation back, you know, so it is really important to well, sometimes you should do it before you even think you're ready. You know what I mean? Like, you know, outsourcing or finding ways to streamline things a bit better, because you want to avoid getting to the point of oh my gosh, I just don't want to do it. Because it's super hard to get back into it, isn't it? It really is.


Jo Blowfield  34:09

Yeah. How old are your children? If you don't mind me asking? Yeah, so we have



13 down to three. So it's 1312 10 Six, and just to be more clear about that. So we have a high school, one going into high school and then obviously the primary school so we are currently in Sydney so we are in lockdown, lockdown as well which is fine homeschooling but we're managing you've got tough


Jo Blowfield  34:37

ages as well. Like you know, you haven't, you haven't got an age that is staying that can look after the younger kids or anything like that. So you've got tough age. I mean a three year old, right up to those teenagers.



He's the hardest. You know, the youngest. I don't know if it's just because she's the youngest or she's a girl but she's definitely the diva out of all of them. and gets what she wants. But um, yeah, it's true. Like, look, the, the elder ones, they do help as much as they can. But at the same time, they're still kids themselves, right? So you know, but they are good.


Jo Blowfield  35:12

Oh my goodness. Now, I'm just wondering if you've got any tips for Instagram for our listeners, I have to just tell you that one of the things my out my 617 year old daughter said to me is that you can be on Instagram, but just don't be cringy. I was



like, Okay, how do I do that?


Jo Blowfield  35:29

What do you mean by not be cringy? And she said, just don't be you?



Oh, I think you're great. I think your vibe is great. The energy I think go for what she says.


Jo Blowfield  35:41

It's so funny. You know, a couple of weeks ago, she sent me this message that just said, Oh, that's terrible. I'm gonna unfollow you.



That's okay. She's not your target person anyway,


Jo Blowfield  35:54

you're so right. She's not my target market. But I just thought, Oh, my goodness. And yeah, and I think most of my followers are made up of new friends. I think so. You know, it just, it makes me laugh. But I, thank you so much for sharing this whole world of Instagram. But if you've got any tips for our listeners, I'd love to hear them.



Absolutely. So one, one of my tips is definitely try to batch content. Okay. So when you're in the mode of creativity, or you've got things kind of flowing, I definitely be recommending writing things where some people write a letter to their audience, and then they can break that down into content as in like captions, but also having a look at what, you know, videos, reels, posts, that you might be looking at planning for that month, and also being a little bit strategic of what is coming up for you, you know, in that month, too. So what are the things you do want to focus on? Another tip I have for you, and this is what I do. I'm not sure about anyone else. But you know, I always have my phone around when I have kids around. But I have the notes folder in my phone. And sometimes I'll have ideas of questions people ask, like, you know, about launches, say, for instance, and I start just writing down, you know, questions that people are asking. So that gives me some content ideas to then write something about for my upcoming, you know, captions and things like that. Another tip we're gonna say is, don't worry about who's watching. I know that I'd like your daughter and her friends. So when you're doing those stories, or you're doing those videos, don't think oh my gosh, such and such is going to be watching. Just think about your ideal person and what they're going to benefit out of whatever it is you're putting on there. And just go for it. Do not question it, just go for it. And just be you. That's all just be you. People love you. Right for You. So that is Yeah, I think my three tips. Also, oh, actually, can I give you one more? Yeah, do it. Really, really importantly, keeping in mind that social media is a social platform, we know this. And we can absolutely utilize this to help market and grow our business always. But for your focal point on social media, don't look at it as like a chore like, it's like oh my gosh, I've got to do social media. Look at it like this is a opportunity for me to connect with more people and help them understand the thing, whatever the thing is, right. And when you sort of switch your mindset to that, rather than I've got to do the task, because someone said I've got to do the task. It really does help you switch how you feel about it. So I think that's really important the mindset around social media, because it is a great tool for marketing. But looking at it from a social type of platform and connections is going to help you so much more than focusing just on the, you know, got to promote my business kind of thing on there.


Jo Blowfield  38:56

Oh, my gosh, brilliant tips. I've just been sucking them all up myself. Yeah, that's me, I can take them. While you've been talking. I've been sitting here going, oh, gosh, I'm going to share, I'm going to share this talk with this group with that group. But this group, because you've covered so many things in our talk today that I just know, because I've struggled with them. And I know that there are women out there too, who had kind of dipping their toe dabbling a little bit in Instagram, but it could just be making so much of the bigger impact. And I think with those even just with the tips that you've just given us today, and you're so valuable, and the information that you've shared today, Kate Oh my gosh. I think I've got an Instagram crush on you actually.



That's good. I love that. That's cute.


Jo Blowfield  39:43

I think I do I think I've got a bit of an Instagram crash because I just I look at what you're doing and I just think, wow, it just looks so seamless, so easy, but so professional at the same time. And I love that you're able to give that guy a bit of your personality but you're also able to give a solid business tip So at the same time, about, you know, about launching and what you're doing, and I just think that you've just got the balance really, really perfect. And I know it's taken you time to develop that. And I'm so thankful that you're sharing. But yeah, I think yeah, bit of an Instagram crash.



Oh, great. I'm happy. I'm happy about that. Or you can come over and watch and I can inspire you. But yeah, it looks like you said, it takes time. But I'm saying just get out there and experiment and it gets easier. And you get to find your groove and what feels right for you. So, but you just got to do it, right?


Jo Blowfield  40:34

Yeah, yeah. Now I've got two questions that I asked all of my guests. So the first one is, if you could pick a color of sequin that best describes your personality? What color would you be?



Well see, this is now the hardest question. Um, I'm gonna say, probably blue.


Jo Blowfield  40:56

I love that. Would you just be plain blue? Or would you be kind of a reflective blue?



Oh, not plain blue. A little bit more reflective? You know, I'm feeling like that more turquoise blue. Like, you know? Yeah, that's what I'm vibing. I don't know if there's a reason for that. But I feel like I'm almost at balance of calm, but also exciting. Like, it's


Jo Blowfield  41:19

just, yeah, I love that. Yeah. I love it.



Maybe I could do a real in some, yeah, no. Turquoise sequin.


Jo Blowfield  41:31

I love it. Do it. take me take me. I will. I will challenge. Love it. And then on the sequence scale of one to 10. So one thing that you're trying to pick yourself up, drag yourself out of bed at the moment, to 10 which is you're dropping sequins and glitter everywhere you go. Where do you fall on that sequin scale?



Well, I'm gonna say about an eight. Wow, great. Yeah, that's how I'm vibing. Right now, even though I'm in lockdown. I'm still high vibing over here.


Jo Blowfield  42:01

And you're locked down under pressure with five kids?



Yeah. Yes. There's not a lot of space to yourself. I mean, having kids you don't get much. But yes, there's no school.


Jo Blowfield  42:13

And that's a great mindset to be pulling out an age with five kids at home and locked down like, oh, my gosh, Kate. Wonderful. Now, this is bringing us to the end of the show. And I just want to say, we will drop a link down. So your your courses currently open but only open for a short amount of time.



Yeah. So it will be open until the 26th of August. Because I do the live rounds. So we'll be kicking off officially on the 31st of August for our live calls. So that's why it's only a limited time period.


Jo Blowfield  42:49

And then when does it rain? When will you read? Or do you do it? How many times a year do you do it? And when will be your next one after August?



Yeah, so this will be the last round for this year. Because you know, I really want to get people set up already before Christmas, you know, Russian, that kind of stuff. So it will open again next year for the live rounds. But you know, it may come open. Maybe a little sneaky one who knows. But it's usually a few times a year. That's all


Jo Blowfield  43:18

brilliant. So we will drop all of the links underneath the show in the show notes. So if anyone wants to connect with you, oh my gosh, connect with Kate on Instagram, and watch what she does who? Oh my gosh, mabilis Instagram and watch what she does. And Kate, I just want to say a massive thanks so much for coming online and just giving us your knowledge and your tips. And it's just



been so valuable. You're welcome. Thanks for having me. It's


Jo Blowfield  43:45

so much fun. Brilliant. Well, thank you so much. And that's another episode of Business and Sequins. Take care