Cheering and creating sparkle in Business, Health and Wealth

The Business and Sequins podcast is created for women who are needing a cheer squad, or a helping hand to get the sparkle back, in their business, health or wealth.

The podcast is released weekly (on a Wednesday) and features solo episodes from Jo, as well as interviews with inspiring women about business, health, wealth and everyday life. Jo, shares the journey of women who have seen the ups, downs, challenges and triumphs of all things life brings.

Through, Jo's 17 years in business, bringing up her two daughters and travelling the world she has built two very successful online businesses. Not only does Jo draw on her own life experiences, she also shares her love of all things bright and sparkly.


On todays episode, Jo interviews Carrie Jemima Cooper (Jem), former professional ballerina turned triathlete, entrepreneur, author, world-traveler and peak performance coach.

From a lifetime of elite sports performance, psychology education, heartbreaking and life-changing illness, failure and achievements she has learned one thing:
Success is guess work, hard work or a framework.

Jem coaches high achieving and ambitious entrepreneurs to step up into a higher level of clarity, personal power & autonomy. By breaking down professional & personal barriers, identifying core values, build success systems, routines & a profitable business, Jem supports clients to design their ‘best-rich-life’, and live it on their terms.

Jem’s philosophy and her peak performance - Mindset, Body, Energy & Business systems- framework is summarised in her book “Becoming CEO of your Best-Rich-Life”

Jem gives some great tips on how to overcome adversity and live your best life.

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On todays episode Jo interviews Helen and Karyn from McRae and Lynch.
Helen and Karyn, have been best friends and business partners since graduating from full-time study at The Design Centre Enmore.

Over the years their business has evolved from a small part-time suburban design team (whilst bringing up their families), into their well established and successful design company.

Helen and Karyn give inside tips, if you're thinking about renovating. We get a glimpse of how to keep your relationship intact as best friends and also business partners.

These two women are just an absolute joy to be around. They have guided and assisted hundreds of people in achieving fabulous results with their new builds and renovations. It was a pleasure to share their journey both in business and in their personal lives.

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On today's episode of Business and Sequins we have one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.

Glin, talks to Jo about Taming your inner critic, and hushing that mean voice inside your head. She gives hints and tips on how to help centre yourself, and to distinguish between your inner critic (headspace) and your heart.

Glin, gives great tips and advice that every women should be hearing.

Glin, is the owner of Heart of Human and creator of the Unstoppable Woman course.

Glin, is an Author of Unstoppable Woman, nominated for the UK Business Book Awards in 2021. She Starting her career in finance and with over 17 years experience as a senior finance executive working internationally for global blue chip companies such as Twinings Tea, Pataks, GE & Coca Cola.
Glin, climbed the corporate ladder towards a Chief Finance Officer role she acknowledged she wasn’t doing work that she absolutely loved, it was only when her life was turned on it's head in 2014 when her marriage ended did she finally stop to reassess what she was doing.
Glin, created Heart of Human to help women to overcome self doubt and achieve goals they never thought possible, doing things they love and making a greater impact as a result.
Her H.E.A.R.T.® Self Leadership Method was created in recognition of her own journey of self leadership. She now works with women to consciously connect them to who they are, tap into what they want for themselves and help them lead purpose-driven lives, strategically transforming their challenges into truly sustainable performance and wealth, whether for their organisation or their career and their life.
She's , and has spoken on a number of different topics regarding self leadership and has delivered keynotes and workshops for clients such as Qantas, Woolworths & Chartered Accountants ANZ.


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On today's episode of Business and Sequins we have the champagne drinking, coffee addicted, crazy cat lady Jen Bowers.

Jen, shares her story of overcoming divorce and becoming the main income earner for her and her daughter. How she was made redundant from her corporate career and overcome so many obstacles. Jen, shares how she successfully navigated all of this, how she started a business to support her and her daughter, how she tried dating APP's, meeting her current husband and how now she's living he best life.

Jen, describes herself as being addicted to cats, coffee, champagne, candles, motivational quotes, positivity, reading and JOY!!

She lives in beautiful Sydney, Australia along with her favourite Pom Pom People. Jen's fabulous bag piping husband, her perfectly imperfect university student daughter and her daughters partner... and her crazy fur family of cats!

Jen, is a brand strategist and stylist, socials stylist and illustrator with over 30 years experience in the industry. She is also the founder of Pink Pom Pom Social, a styled image library for brands with big personalities that helps hundreds of women create a stunning social presence for their brands!

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Today we've got a fantastic guest, we've got Julie Wilkes, who has worked extensively and travel specifically in the cruise sector, and thought the industry would be around forever. And she didn't quite factor in the global pandemic into her future. So she took the plunge and decided to try her hand at network marketing. And she has fallen head over heels in love with the industry and everything that comes along with it. 

In today's episode of the Business and Sequins podcast, we will discuss the huge personal development and the flexibility to create wealth around your family instead of the other way around. 

If you want a bit of sparkle in your life through these great woman stories, then thank you so much for joining the business and sequence podcasts. 


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My guest for today is the wonderful Donna Hann. Dipping her toe in business at the age of 19 in the children's party entertainment industry, Donna’s first business paid her way through university in Western Australia. After a long overseas adventure and brief hiatus in the fly in/fly out construction industry, she met her now-husband Troy and moved to Queensland which she now calls home.


As the creator of ‘She’s in Business’ and the ‘Ready To Rise’ online course, Donna has built a community for Mum’s who are made for more!


In this episode, we will learn how to push through the challenges of juggling babies and business and infuse self-care into daily practice.

Show Notes:

This very first episode, just, gosh, it was just such a stopper for me, because I really didn't know what I wanted to do. And as a bit of a perfectionist, I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. And so for the life of me, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do on this first episode. So I hummed and arghhh and I hummed and arghhh. And then finally my husband, partner in crime, my wonderful husband kicked my butt said to me, hurry up and decide what you're going to do because you're holding up the whole process. So I thought about it. And I thought a great way to introduce myself to you the listeners so that you have a little bit of information about who I am, is to actually get somebody to interview me. And I thought there's nobody better than to do that. None other than the chief kicker himself. My lovely husband, Ambrose Blowfield. 


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